Gras Houtimport is a leading wholesaler in European Pine and Canadian Western Red Cedar.

As a stock keeping importer Grass Houtimport has the nation’s largest stock in both selected qualities Pine from Sweden, Finland and Germany in all sizes, as well as the top qualities of Red Cedar from British Columbia (Canada).

Gras Houtimport is known as a specialist and her staff have extensive product knowledge and follow the latest developments closely so that they can advise you properly. Especially in the field of restoration, we have a long experience with specialized contractors under the supervision of the Committee of Conservation.

Already 15 years Gras Houtimport imports Luna Wood, thermally modified Spruce and Pine from Finland. Additionally Gras Houtimport is also the address for high quality Siberian Larch and Douglas, not only in garden timber but also for special sized wood, serving heavy constructions.

Gras Houtimport is proud to announce that 99% of our traded wood is PEFC or FSC® certified and therefore sustainably produced.

Our delivery program is unique in the sense that …….. Upon request, wood is dried at external partners, processed, preserved, threated fire retardant or with an opaque finish.